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What we do - Assistance to Malaysian Importers

The Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Section helps Malaysian importers get in contact with Argentine companies, to match their interests and, at the same time, promote Argentine exports by providing lists of exporters, promoting trade missions and participating in different trade shows and organizing events.

Specific requests from Malaysian importers are uploaded in the Argentine system of trading opportunities (
www.argentinatradenet.gov.ar) after an assessment by the Economic and Commercial Section. Through this system trade opportunities are available to Argentine companies, chambers, associations and trade organizations in the States throughout the country.


Also, the Economic and Commercial Section assists Malaysian importers to know Argentine companies by organizing showrooms, tasting and various events for the promotion of their products or services.

If you want to see a list of Argentine exporters, please visit 
Argentina Trade Net, or if you are looking for Argentine suppliers or producers of any specific product, please contact us at comercial_emsia@mrecic.gov.ar.


Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

The Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Section helps Argentine companies to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions that take place in Malaysia.


It also helps Malaysian companies get in contact with Argentine companies through various events such as showrooms, tasting, Seminars, Launches, Conferences and Presentations in Malaysia for the promotion of Argentine products and services.


Trade Missions / Individual Visits

The organization of trade missions, either through an Argentine government agency or individual visits, is one of the main tasks of the Economic and Commercial Section.

After having assessed the export potential of a product, we contact Malaysian importers and companies, so that the Argentine businessmen visiting
Malaysia can make direct contact with potential importers and distributors following the list of contacts prepared.

Furthermore, the Economic and Commercial Section performs, upon request from Fundación Exportar or individual companies, the screening of
Malaysia importers to participate in reverse missions to our country.

For information on trade missions please contact us at comercial_emsia@mrecic.gov.ar

International Tenders

The Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Section received information on international tenders called by the Argentine National and Provincial governments, as well as by other agencies or institutions from Argentina. These calls for tenders are communicated to Malaysian chambers, associations and companies with a potential interest in taking part in them.

To find out about international tenders in
Argentina, please contact us at comercial_emsia@mrecic.gov.ar


Useful links

The following links contain useful information for Malaysian companies doing business with Argentina or exploring opportunities to do so:



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Prosperar - Argentine Investment Agency
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