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IV Latin American Festival of Malaysia 2012

On May 20, 2012 it was held the "IV Latin American Festival" in Kuala Lumpur, an event that brought together the 10 Latin American and Caribbean embassies in Malaysia.

The Argentine embassy organized a stand with Argentine products that included wine, white and red, raisins, mate tea, pies,  cornstarch sweet pies, grapes and Argentinean meat bilingual cooking books.

The booth was decorated with several Argentine images of our country and in general with the colors of the flag of Argentina.

The activities of the Festival included a varied artistic shows sponsored by each embassy. In this regard, the Embassy of Argentina presented a professional tango couple to the delight of the participants.

 The event had the purposes of not only promoting argentine products and culture but also donate all the collected money to a malaysian charity.

During this year's Festival is estimated that circulated about 5,000 attendees.