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20 de octubre: La Beca Mafalda (The Mafalda Scholarship)

The Onix-Cultural Exchange program has successfully gathered 15 years of experience in providing cultural exchange programs and, in the last 7 years, they have welcomed approximately 2,600 foreign students to the City of Córdoba.

In order to strengthen the educational tourism industry, the Onix-Cultural Exchange program has established the “Beca Mafalda” (Mafalda Scholarship), which covers the entire cost of the academic expenses, in the city of Cordoba.

The Mafalda Scholarship aims to help foreigners to enhance their language and cultural knowledge. This intensive course will last for 2 weeks with 60 hours of Spanish and Cultural classes. For more information, please visit: https://www.argentineculture.org/beca-mafalda

Disclaimer: at the request of this establishment,  the Argentine Embassy is just dispersing the information in regard to the scholarship.


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